'I Lost Her ' - A Poem written by Awal Eesh Singh

I Lost Her

My Mom kept telling me,
That I can have Pepsi,
But I should not touch the Hard-Drinks,
At my Friend's Party.

I promised her I won't drink,
She can be tension-free,
There will be a few teetotalers,
I will enjoy their company.

She dropped me by her Car,
And drove to the Bakery,
She knew I liked Cream-Rolls,
She wanted to get some for me.

While at my Friend's Party,
We enjoyed like crazy,
We played, we sang, we danced a lot,
And stuffed yummy food in the belly.

Then I got a call,
It was from my Daddy,
In a car accident,
I had lost my Mummy.

My mom used to drive so carefully,
Then what went wrong that day?
A speeding car had hit my mom's car,
My mom was driving Okay.

The driver of that car was drunk,
The news shook my body,
A mistake of a stranger,
Had changed my Life's Story.

What more Awal can write,
So Precious is the Life,
Lets learn a Lesson,
Lets not Drink and Drive !

(My Poem is dedicated to my Friend who lost his Mother in such an Accident.)


This poem of mine was published in the Monthly Bulletin of the organization I then worked with.
It was written in June 2006. This poem has been applauded by many for the message that it conveys.
I have been writing Poems since childhood. During College, every Saturday, I used to present my poems
to my whole Class. I am so thankful to all my batchmates, who used to support me
and always honestly appreciated my work. Thanks Friends !

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